Gain full control on your money

Send money to anybody anywhere in the nation in seconds, with the Paytz App. Manage the ways you spend, receive and transact all at the palm of your hand. It’s simpler way to securely move and manage your money.

Send money across the street or around the country.

You can send money to anybody in the countrywith just their mobile number, with a little help from the Paytz app. They can use the money to spend in-store, shop online, pay for bills or withdraw it with a click. If they don’t have a Paytz account yet, they can open one in seconds. And there are no fees when you send to friends from your wallet to their wallet. That’s money well sent!

Track all your incomings and outgoings with a tap from anywhere.

Whenever you shop online, receive money from a friend, or send your share of the bill, our app will send you an instant notification to help you keep on top of it all. And however you fund your transaction, whether it’s with your nearest wakala or branch, it’s all sorted here in one place.

Simplify how you manage and spend your money with mobile payments.